[Kate Madison] is clearly a force of nature. We should put her in charge of the entire British film industry.

Wendy Ide

The Times

I worked with Kate on her internationally award winning series Ren the Girl with the Mark and it was a real pleasure. Her enthusiasm, creativity, inspiration and above all passion for the project was really infectious and made for a very happy working environment on set. She’s a great collaborator and listens to creative suggestions and ideas from both cast and crew. If she ever needed me for any future work I would say yes before asking for details of the project.

Ivan Moy

So far in her career, Kate has brought big budget storytelling ability, visual imagination and attention to detail to small budget projects – with incredible results. She asks for the best from everyone she works with, yet manages to keep the set relaxed, fun and a great creative place to be. She has a lot more to give, and I for one look forward to seeing what she’ll create next.

Michelle Golder

Co-Producer, Ren: The Girl with the Mark

Kate Madison is remarkable and also a very underrated talent. She directs, writes, acts, produces, and wears many more creative hats. She also has an ability to bring together creative and passionate people that share her enthusiasm and are also inspired by it.  It is a testament to her skill that her projects have garnered so much attention and continue to do so.

I believe that Kate is an emerging force that should not be overlooked and deserves a chance on the bigger stage.

Ashram Maharaj

Independent Filmmaker