A Filmmaker’s Journey: Interview with Kate Madison by Colin Duriez, Festival in the Shire Journal

“When I was looking for a story to do I found those few paragraphs and the idea of a film about Aragorn’s parents and where he came from seemed a great idea. Aragorn is such an important character in The Lord of the Rings but we know hardly anything about him until he turns up in The Prancing Pony in The Fellowship of the Ring.”

As an actor and filmmaker, Kate Madison is mostly known for directing, producing and acting in her Lord of the Rings prequel, Born of Hope, released on the internet in December 2009. In 2003 Kate set up Actors at Work Productions as a banner for various creative projects linked mostly to Stage and Film work. Kate directed her first narrative film in 2005, a short called “Into the Darkness”. Born of Hope is reviewed in this issue. Kate was interviewed by Colin Duriez for Festival in the Shire Journal.