The other weekend I travelled to the Excel in London to visit Comic Con to represent Ren with some of the team.  We had been invited onto a panel of New British Webseries at 1pm on the friday 22nd May.

It became quite eventful getting to the panel in time because by the time we travelled down, parked and got everyone dressed and then tried to find out where to go to actually get our wrist bands it was ten to one!  Eventually we managed to get our bands and got to the panel in time.


Myself and costume designer Miriam Davies represented Ren, while Ren DoP Neil Oseman had a conflict of interest as he was there to represent another ambitious webseries he was DoP on, The First Musketeer.    The other panelist was Chris Stone representing his new series Year of Spies.  Susan E Clarke, who is herself the creator of a webseries called Chronicles of Syntax, helped moderate the panel.

While we were doing the panel Edward Morley (dressed as a prison guard),  Tindi Lewis (dressed as a villager), Ivan Moy (dressed as the Kah’Nath Commander) and Robert Myles (dressed as a Kah’Nath Soldier) wondered around the Con dishing out flyers and showing the trailer to as many people as possible.

We had a great day and below is a video of our time there.

Check out the Ren blog for some more information about our trip

As an extra bonus I popped back to ComicCon on Sunday where I managed to watch Felicia Day’s panel and then briefly speak to her about Ren and hand her some boar coins 🙂


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